Running Information FREE Workshop

Running Information Workshop for Active Physiotherapy Clients and Xceler8 members. Run faster, further & without injury! Improve sporting performance / agility and speed.

When: Wednesday 8th February 2017, 7pm

What: The evening will explain the process of Biomechanical running assessment followed by a practical example from one of Physiotherapists, David O’Brien. He will then discuss common technique errors which occur and how personalised retraining programmes can considerably decrease your risk of injury.

75% of runners are injured in every 12 month period.
Don’t become a statistic. Research has shown that improving the efficiency of running technique can significantly reduce the risk of injury, improve running times and increase running distances.

Spaces are FREE, but limited

To reserve your place, call 6925 7734, email or register with Xceler8 reception.

Cristy Houghton