Sports and Athletes

Sport is a vital part of the Australian lifestyle. It provides exercise, social contact, relaxation, competition and promotes good health. It may also cause injuries. Most sports injuries can be effectively treated by your physiotherapist, enabling you to return to your sporting activities as soon as possible.

Common injuries include ligament sprains and tears, muscle and tendon strains, joint injuries, overuse injuries and stress fractures.

Our Physiotherapists are highly qualified and trained in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries, with a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and healing. Before you can safely return to sport, not only will the injury need to be completely healed but it is essential to regain strength, mobility, balance and coordination. Your physiotherapist will analyse and correct any biomechanical issues that you may have and advise you on exercise techniques to prevent further injury.

Netball Australia's KNEE Program

Knees and ankles are the most commonly injured body parts of netballers and most of these injuries occur when landing. Active Phyiso's Paul Heffernan is now a Nationally Endorsed Provider of Netball Australia’s KNEE Program.

The KNEE Program is a courtside warm up to assist coaches in preparing their players to train and play. It targets how to land and how to move safely and efficiently.

The KNEE Program is based on programs that have been proven effective in reducing lower limb
injuries generally and specifically reducing ACL injuries from 40–70%. It will also improve efficiency of movement on court.

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Running Assessment

Running in itself is not destructive to our bodies, but how we run is. Running is generally perceived as being 'bad or destructive' for our joints. At Active Physiotherapy we go through a comprehensive lower limb biomechanical analysis in an attempt to find any muscle abnormalities/imbalances that may predispose you to injury. Further to this we are able to assist you in correct running technique, thus minimising the risk of potential running injuries.

Wakeboarding Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Active Physiotherapy offers injury prevention and rehabilitation specifically designed for wakeboarders. We offer instruction on correct technique to improve performance and prevent injury. 

We have a specific designed exercise program and if you have been injured we focus your rehabilitation to achieve your goals.  Active Physiotherapy offers custom knee braces in some instances that can be worn while wakeboarding.

Dance Assessments

Preparing to dance en pointe is a very exciting time for a dancer. It is important to make sure you or your child are ready for this challenging milestone. At Active Physiotherapy, we perform a thorough assessment to determine readiness for dancing en pointe. We are able to prescribe specific exercises to improve a dancer's strength, flexibility and balance, which is important to prevent potentially serious injuries.

Our Physios with a Special Interest in Sports Physiotherapy: