Free Workshops

At Active Physiotherapy, we are committed to helping you, your kids and your team be their best. We believe strongly in sharing knowledge to improve health, increase performance and reduce injury in the community. Our free workshops are designed to provide great tips and information for different ages, skill levels and roles within the community. We hope that you can join us soon.

All workshops are FREE, though places are limited and run every year. Our 2019 workshops have already been run but if you are after assistance to run one or you need us to attend get in touch with our friendly team.
Contact the clinic on 6925 7734 or

Be active, be healthy, be happy!

Running Workshop

Find out how you can run faster, plus further strategies to improve your running efficiency and reduce risk of injury. 

A perfect running workshop to help you prepare for the Wagga Trail Marathon.


Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement Workshop

Perfect for coaches and those involved in junior clubs, high school sports and senior clubs wanting an edge. Learn about evidence based practice for warm up and cool down for optimal performance and injury prevention. Adopt professional strategies in your chosen sports, including:

  • AFL

  • Rugby League

  • Soccer

  • Rugby Union

  • Hockey

  • Touch Football

  • Netball

Also perfect for junior clubs where parents assist as coaches in their children's teams.


Taping Workshop

Introductory level 1

Intermediate level 2

Learn more about how to use and apply sports tapes.

This is a practical workshop to discuss, demonstrate and practice a range of common sports taping techniques.

This is a great workshop for Year 11 and 12 students studying PDHPE, parents, sports trainers, junior coaches and 1st aid suppliers.

*Intermediate level 2 workshop is for people that have attended the previous taping workshops that are looking for more skills. We are happy to have people who have previous knowledge/experience in taping who have not attended our basic taping workshop.


Netball Workshop

Paul Heffernan is a Nationally endorsed provider of Netball Australia's Knee Injury Prevention Program. He will explain how to introduce this program at your club.

The program’s aim is to reduce lower body injuries across all levels of netball, including serious knee injuries by up to 70%, and increase performance and skill.

This workshop is perfect for coaches who are new to coaching, who want to deliver training skills and increase performance, whilst decreasing the risk of injury.