Learn. Collaborate. Achieve.

At Active Physiotherapy we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life, without fear, without pain, without regrets.

We believe that happiness comes from healthiness. We value moments of meaningful connection.

We celebrate difference and the importance of family.

We surround ourselves with people who share our values, vision and drive to exceed expectations.  

At Active Physiotherapy we invite you:

  • To make an impact, create change and discover a new normal.
  • Make the most of today. Do something that makes you stronger, fitter, healthier... happier.
  • Talk to us today to live your best life, starting now.  

1 Lewisham Avenue, Wagga Wagga
(02) 6925 7734

Temora Medical Complex, Hoskins ST Temora


XCELER8, 39 Dobney Avenue Wagga Wagga
(Sports Rehabilitation & Fitness Programs) 

Our practice is open from
6:30am to 6:30pm weekdays

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