Any of this sound familiar?

  • Feel like you are not making a difference?

  • Unable to take leave when you would like

  • Current business values do not align with your own

  • Loss of clinical autonomy

  • Hard ceiling to career growth and lack of professional development direction

  • Restrictive training options and inconsistent mentoring

  • No one challenging you to be the best you can be?

  • Burn out and loss of intrinsic drive for work

  • Short consultation times, no time allocated for much else

  • Not feeling appreciated or rewarded for your hard work

  • No feeling of connection or anyone to share wins with

  • Repetitive and uninspiring work

  • Feel like you don’t fit in the team

  • Not seeing the clients you enjoy treating

  • Working long hours, some weekends without flexibility

What are you most passionate about? What would make your ideal Job?
Work with us to create it…..

  • Be surrounded by awesome group of people - celebrate the wins and share the challenges.

  • Individualised mentoring programs - take control of your personal development

    • Weekly in-services, fortnightly 1 on 1 meetings, quarterly staff development days, professional development allowances, masters programs, junior staff mentoring.

  • Create your own, structured career pathway

  • Flexibility of roster to allow sports, hobbies and other important things in life!

  • Saturdays and weekend work optional.

  • Staff and family welfare program: We look after our own!

    • cost price products, services and agreements with other health professionals

  • Industry accreditation

  • A vibrant and growing regional centre! close to snow, lakes, and only 10 minutes drive to work

The best thing about our team is the collaboration. You’re never on your own. If you’re not sure, ask! If you have something to add, say it! Working together is what our team does best.
— Tahnee (Physiotherapist)

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The team!

Active Physiotherapy Wagga really does have a great team environment. Everyone is extremely loyal and genuinely cares about their workmates.
— Carlie (Administration)

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